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    Wenzhou Xinda Transportation Engineering Test Co. LTD Projec

      Wenzhou Xinda Transportation Engineering Test  Co. LTD is wholly state-owned enterprises, with the Ministry of Transport Highway Engineering Comprehensive Grade B qualification, and through the Zhejiang Province Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision CMA lab aptitude, is a professional engaged in road and materials engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, engineering, and pay the completion inspection and acceptance of technical service comprehensive inspection agencies, can be geared to the needs of society to provide 643 parameter test services.

      Changji's(TRUEVIEW SCIENTIFIC) SYD-0730A/F02-20/0610/0621/0751/0752/0754/0755/0653/0702A-1/HWY-2/HWY-501A has bought by Xinda and used in his project.


    Listing a part of Changji's(TRUEVIEW SCIENTIFIC) products in Xinda's Project


    SYD-0730A Multifunctional Fully-automatic Asphalt Pressure Tester

    SYD-F02-20 Automatic Mixture Blender

    SYD-0610 Asphalt Rolling Thin Film Oven

    SYD-0621 Bitumen Standard Viscosity Tester

    HWY-2 Constant Temperature Oil Bath

    HWY-501A Super Circulatory Constant Temperature Water Bath