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Multifunctional Fully-Automatic Asphalt Pressure Tester

Summary The instrument is designed and made as per T0709-2011Bituminous Mixtures Marshall Stability Test ,T0715-2011 Bituminous Mixtures Bending Test ,T0716-2011 Bituminous Mixtures Splitting Test in the Industry Standard of Peoples Republi...

Standard: model: SYD-0730 E-mail: robin@pro-trueview.com


   The instrument is designed and made as per T0709-2011“Bituminous Mixtures Marshall Stability Test” ,T0715-2011 “Bituminous Mixtures Bending Test ”,T0716-2011 “Bituminous Mixtures Splitting Test” in the Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China JTG E20-2011 Standard Test Methods for Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering.  It is the dedicated device for determining the stability of bituminous mixtures ,flow value .It is suitable to do determination of Marshall stability, bending and splitting as per above standards.


I. Main technical characteristics

1.The instrument adopts desktop structure. One machine has many uses. And it can do the determination of bituminous
   mixtures Marshall stability, bending and splitting.

2.The instrument adopts advanced sensor technology and microcomputer processing technology, and it has functions of
   setting parameters, measurement calibration, automatic test control, automatic data acquisition and real-time clock.

3.The instrument can acquire test data and judge the peak value automatically to the sample’s stability and flow value at
   the same time .The large screen LCD can indicate the stability value, flow value test data, curve, test results and test

4.The instrument can storage 100 groups test data and test time, and it also can look over readily .The whole procedure
   can be finished automatically and automatic reset.

5.The instrument is equipped with RS232 serial communication port and it is convenient to communicate with upper
   computer .The computer can deal with, storage, print and display data ,it also be controlled by the computer ,for testing
   and printing .


II. Main technical parameters and specifications

1. Max. load : 50KN,bending test 5KN;

2.Sensor measuring range:  Stability, splitting sensor measuring range ≤40KN;

   Bending sensor measuring range ≤4KN;

3.Loading protection: Loading value>39KN (stability, splitting sensor) and 3.9KN (blending measuring sensor) loading
   protection function.

4.Measuring error: Bitumen mixture stability measuring error ≤+0.1KN;

   Bending stability measuring error ≤+0.01KN;

5.Vertical deformation(flow value )measuring range : 0~20mm.Measuring error:≤+0.05mm;

6.Compactor rising speed : 50mm+5mm/min;

7.Communication port:  Adopting RS232 serial communication port, and it can realize communication with computer ;

8.Power supply : AC220V+10%,50Hz;

9.Environment temperature: 0℃~60℃;

10.Electric motor consumption: 550W;

11.Dimension: 600mm*380mm*900mm;

12.Total weight: 98Kg.


I,SYD-0730 Multifunctional Fully-Automatic Asphalt Pressure Tester Accessories and Documents List
No. Name Unit Qty 备注
1 SYD-0730 Multifunctional Fully-Automatic Asphalt Pressure Tester
Set 1  
2 Up and down pressing head Set 1  
3 Splitting clamp(101.6mm and 150mm) Set Each 1  
4 5kN Sensor Piece 1  
5 Trabecular bending fixture Set 1  
6 RD Series micro-printer (with regulated power supply) Set 1  
7 1.5 m three-core power line Piece 1  
8 Hand crank Piece 1  
9 Power line Piece 1  
10 Computer communication line Piece 1  
11 Operation manual   Piece 1  
12 Quality certificate Piece 1  
13 Repair guarantee Piece 1  

II,SYD-0730 Multifunctional Fully-Automatic Asphalt Pressure Tester's Reagent and Auxiliary Equipments 

No. Name Specification Quantity Memo
1 Asphalt solution Industry 1L 1L/bucket Trichloro ethylene,kerosene,gasoline,choose one only
2 Balance Accuracy 0.1g 1 Set  
3 Caliper   1 Piece  
4 Cotton yarn   1 Roll  
5 Butter   500 g  
6 News paper   Some  

1,The reagent and equipments for installing the instrument are supplied by end-users themselves.
2,The usage,management and saving of poisonous and harmful reagent,pls operate according to the relative principle.
3,PLS read the operation manual and industry standard before using the instrument.