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Gel Doc System FluorShot VISION

Specifications Model: FluorShotVISIONTR-TC750 Acquisitionsystem: Importedlow-lighthidefinition Effectiveresolution(pixelsm): 752x582 PixelSize(umV*H): 8.3*8.3 SNR: 56db PixelDensity: 10bit Port: BNC Lens: Imported6xmotorizedzoomF1.0,2/3...

Standard: model: TR-TC750 E-mail: robin@pro-trueview.com


Model: FluorShot VISION TR-TC750  
Acquisition system:   Imported low-light hidefinition  
Effective resolution (pixels m) : 752 x 582 
Pixel Size (um V*H):   8.3*8.3    
SNR:     56db   
Pixel Density: 10bit 
Port:  BNC  
Lens:   Imported 6x motorized zoom F1.0, 2/3 inch high caliber penetrating lens
Darkroom: Mold production, enclosed camera, built-in acquisition system, dustproof and shockproof, UV Safty
Filter: Standard 590 screw-type filter with coating  (contact for special  requirement)  
Operation interface:  With a panel or computer you can make full automatic 
control of zoom, focus, diaphragm, UV Trans and  
Reflect  lamps.
Display:  LCD display screen and  computer
UV Trans:  Standard 21*26cm with 312nm (254/365nm) 
White Trans:     Optional 20x28cm white light plate  
UV Reflect:   Optional UV Reflect light source; used for paper 
chromatograph and other Electrophoresis carrier
 which are opacity,but need a UV burst   
White Reflect:   Standard LED white light
Fixed time functions:      Automatic switching off UV light source in 5 minutes
(we can change it before product will leave the factory)  
Software:           Genescope fully control-analysis software with Chinese interface, Win2000/XP, image capture, edit, analysis and database.                                         
Power source:     110/220V        
Dimension(mm):        430*410*560  
Weight:    22kg 
Certification:    CE              

Main features
1.More models are available. 
2.CE certification, more reliable.
3.Delicate computer, easy-moving, system noise is low. 
4.Darkroom with mold production, enclosed camera, built-in acquisition system, dustproof.
5.Detection sensitivity:20pg of double-stranded DNA.
6.Large area of UV transmission station, the biggest sample can be 21x26cm.
7.Wavelength of UV Trans and Reflect:standard 312nm,254/365nm are available.

Equipment introduction
FluorShot VISION TR-TC750 is the newest model and the first one which was made from organic glass, with fashion design, also after long time using it will look new.
Door design follows four face seals magnetic stripe design with chemiluminescent imaging level, that guarantees tightness and good imaging results.
It uses 4.4 megapixels imported CCD, LCD display screen, shows the biggest resolution in real time, with panel and software controls focal distance, diaphragm and zoom size.
Working with LCD display screen no needed to switch on the computer for observing imaging results.  
The system has UV automatic protection function, UV lamp automatically switches off when you are handling samples or it can enter to the glue cutting state and work with special protecting glue cutting device for worker`s safety.  
The top of the system can be easily open for changing filters and different fluorescent stains.
For standard 590nm filter you can use EB and GelRed stains, if you want to use other,
Please contact us for changing hardware.