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Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System

Application: Thenucleicacid.proteinelectrophoresis.imprinting.suitableforcollegesanduniversities.researchinstitutesandmedicalunitsofvariouselectrophoresisexperiment. Product features Switching power supply of microcomputer processor Mold mo...

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Application: The nucleic acid. protein electrophoresis. imprinting. suitable for colleges and universities. research institutes and medical units of various electrophoresis experiment.
Product features
Switching power supply of microcomputer processor
Mold molding machine shell. touch key
Group output (can connect 4 electrophoretic slots at the same time)
Automatic lifting function
Function of leakage protection
Functional state of micro current
Pause / continue function
Automatic recovery function of power cut
Automatic memory working state
It has programming. storage and memory functions. and can store 12 working procedures.
Output timing / timing control. micro current state 3 ways of working.
It has no load / load mutation / overload / short circuit / overvoltage detection / automatic shutdown function.
Technical Parameter
1. voltage 5-600V. in 1V as a unit. continuous adjustable.
2. current 1-500mA. in 1mA. continuous adjustable.
3. power 1-300W. in 1W. continuous adjustable.
4. Output types: constant pressure. constant current or constant power.
5. regular time: 1-999 minutes. with 1 minutes as the unit. continuous adjustable.
6. microprocessor control core. switching power supply output.
7. output information using bright background 2 line 20 character LCD display.
8. it can stop electrophoresis or enter the micro current electrophoresis state.
9. safety performance: overvoltage. arcing. no-load and load sudden change monitoring; overload / short circuit monitoring; leakage protection function.
10. open circuit alarm. automatic shutdown and power failure automatically restore the original data function.
11. with programming. memory function. can store 12 commonly used working procedures.
12. It has the function of pause / continue conversion.
13. the appearance is small and compact. light weight and high output power.
14. output terminals: 4 sets of parallel connection. with multiple electrophoresis cells.
15. operating conditions: temperature 0-40 C; humidity 0-95%.
16. input power switching: 110V (100V-120V) / 220V (200V-240V). suitable for different countries.
17. Scope of application: electrophoresis of nucleic acids. proteins and imprinting. suitable for electrophoresis experiments in universities. research institutes and medical units.
TR-SP188 Vertical Electrophoresis tank  
TR-SP188Mini vertical electrophoresis tank

TR-SP188mini vertical electrophoresis apparatus is small in both vertical electrophoresis apparatus, mainly used for rapid separation of small gel electrophoresis. Good thermal design to provide a guarantee for the electrophoresis results. Both mastering a variety of GE, Hoefer, Biorad same size manually glue, can also make a variety of sizes and precast gels. Unique in-situ means Glue, after the gel is made of plastic chamber without moving again, to avoid possible mistakes in the process of moving. The main instrument includes an outer tank body is made of plastic, glass, combs, etc., can be up to two acrylamide gel electrophoresis at the same time. TR-SP188mini vertical electrophoresis apparatus can be transferred with the TR-SP188Mini core or TR-SP188Mini slot supporting the use of vertical transfer performed TR-SP188mini vertical electrophoresis electrophoretic separation of proteins after electrophoretic transfer.
Thick polycarbonate injection molding design, beautiful appearance
Rugged bold platinum (Diameter 0.25mm)
Movable electrode plug is easily interchangeable
Multifunctional rubber band from the rulers
Without the second inclined cam glue mobile device
No dead arcuate recess glass
Slip design, to avoid mistakenly pulled mistakenly hit caused the tank fell to the ground
Fastening rubber handle for easy plug
Vertical electrophoresis glue straightforward process:
Glass: pad strip fixed on a long glass, to ensure accuracy; increased strength of the arc-shaped concave glass to avoid damage and missing recess ear.
Glue: core horizontal electrophoresis, after loosening the screws, the pressing slider to the electrophoresis tank on both sides, then the length of the glass sheets (recess inwardly) into the electrophoresis core. Then electrophoresis core vertically erected, the middle finger with both hands pressed against the slider, respectively, the thumb, index finger and tighten the screw. Look at the bottom of the seat of your pants to observe two glass alignment.
The electrophoresis core glue onto rack, tighten the screws on both sides of the ramp cam, thus can be assured Glue.
When running two gum, repeat the above action; when you run a gel that can be used in place of the glass plate.
Technical Parameter

Outside dimension 159×144×184mm
Glass plate area(W*L) Standard: 100 × 105mm (gum area of 82 × 97mm)
Optional: 100 × 83mm (gum area of 82 × 73mm)
Precast gels Pierce and Invitrogen ,Precast gels
Which can glue several pieces 1-2 block
The buffer tank 200ml
Under buffer tank 800ml
Combs Specifications 10 and 15 teeth, 0.75mm
10 and 15 teeth, 1.0mm
10 and 15 teeth, 1.5mm
Weight(Net weight)
0.66 Kg