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Peltier-based Thermal Cycler (Gradient)

Heating and Cooling Technology: Newest Generation Peltier-based Block Capacity: 96wells0.2ml or 77wells0.5ml Sample Capacity: 0.2ml PCR tubes0.5ml PCR tubes Strips 96wells PCR plate In-situ Plate LCD Display: 5.7 graphical color display...

Standard: model: PCR96G E-mail: robin@pro-trueview.com

Technical Specifications:
Heating and Cooling Technology:   Newest Generation Peltier-based
Block Capacity:  96wells×0.2ml or 77wells×0.5ml
Sample Capacity:   0.2ml PCR tubes,0.5ml PCR tubes, Strips, 96wells PCR plate, In-situ Plate
LCD Display:   5.7” graphical color display of protocols (320×240 pixel, 256 color)
USB flash drive:   Unlimited storage of protocols with USB flash drive
Communications:   USB 2.0 Host and RS232
In-situ Function Available with a set of additional In-situ Plate
Block Temperature Range:  0℃~100℃
Max. Block Heating Rate: Up to 4℃/sec
Max. Block Cooling Rate:  Up to 4℃/sec
Block Uniformity ≤±0.2℃(30sec after reach temperature point set)
Block Accuracy  ≤±0.2℃(35℃-100℃)
Mode of Temperature Control  Sim-tube & Block mode
Ramping Rate Adjustable:  Yes
Gradient Accuracy  ≤±0.3℃(35℃-99.9℃)
Column Uniformity ≤±0.3℃(30sec after reach temperature point set)
Gradient Range  30℃~99.9℃
Temp. Differential Range Max. 20℃
Gradient Capability 12 Columns(Vertical)
Memory Max. 120 programs onboard,Unlimited storage of protocols with USB flash drive
Max. Step 40 Steps,multiple nesting cycle available
Time Increment/Decrement:  1~120sec, Long PCR available
Temp. Increment/Decrement:  0.1~10.0℃,Touchdown PCR available
Auto Pause:  Yes
Auto Restart:  Yes
Hold at 4℃  Yes, Forever
Running Time Display:  Yes
Real Time Clock:  Yes, Battery buffered
Height of Headed Lid  Steplessly Adjustable Lid, accommodates a wide range of PCR tubes and plates
Heated Lid Temperature: 30℃~105℃
Auto Shut-off When Block Temp. is below 30℃ or after finish running
Input Power Wide Range Power Supply: 175V ~ 275V,50-60Hz
Power  Max. 600W