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Automatic Lubricating Oils Oxidation Stability Tester

Summary The instrument is designed and made as per ASTM D2272-2009 Standard test Method for Oxidation Stability of Lubricating oil-test method B,the temperature at 50℃ or 140℃,and the standard of Peoples Republic of China SH/T 0193 Lubr...

Standard: model: SYD-0193B E-mail: robin@pro-trueview.com

   The instrument is designed and made as per ASTM D2272-2009 Standard test Method for Oxidation Stability of Lubricating oil-test method B,the temperature at 50℃ or 140℃,and the standard of People’s Republic of China SH/T 0193 Lubricating oils-Determination of oxidation stability-Rotating pressure vessel method.The instrument is used to determine the oxidation stability of steam turbine with the same composition (oil base oil and additive) .Also can be used to determine new mineral insulating oil containing 2,6-BHT.

I. Main technical features
1. All-in-one design instrument,high level of integration,touch screen,no external computer and keyboard etc. 
2. Metal bath design,It eliminate both the lampblack harm to operator and environmental pollution,also simplify the operation.
3.Double holes design,it can test 2 kinds of samples at same time,and is more convenient for operator to make the parallel
4.The rotation of oxidation bomb changed to the flask rotation,It ensures the stable rotating speed of the flash in the cylinder
   at (100±1)r/min and without noise.
5.With inner IPC(industrial personal computer),fully automatic work mode,10.1 inch touch screen,English version
   interface,unit the test part and the control part as one,desktop structure,easy operation and nice outline.
6.With the cold fan system to shorten the time interval of continuous tests.
7.With the decompression system,it’s convenient to adjust the needed pressure value of the air source,also convenient to
   inflate and deflate.
8.With the high precision pressure sensor to detect the inner pressure of the cylinder,the test data is reliable and stable.With
   the high precision temperature sensor to automatically detect and control the temperature of the metal bath.
9.The software design is with high degree of automation,It’s sufficient to consider the user’s operating habit and standard
   requirements.It could automatically complete a series of operations,and give the relevant operating hints on the interface
   to guide the user in doing next operation and avoid the mistake.

II. Main technical specifications
1.    Bath temperature control point: 140℃,150℃
2.    Temperature accuracy:  ±0.1℃
3.    Pressure measurement range: (0~1.6)MPa
4.    Pressure measurement accuracy: ±2‰
5.    Work mode:double metal bath,2 kinds of samples tested at same time or 1 type sample tested
6.    Rotation speed: (100±5)r/min
7.    Included angle between oxygen bomb and water level: 30°
8.    Power supply: AC(220±10%)V,50Hz
9.    Total power consumption: <1500W
10.    Environment temperature: -10℃ ~40℃
11.    Relative humidity: ≤85%
12. Heating tube power: 2500W
14.Net weight: About 25Kg

I,SYD-0193B Automatic Lubricating Oils Oxidation Stability Tester Accessories and Documents List

No. Name Unit Qty
1 “SYD-0193B Automatic Lubricating Oils Oxidation Stability Tester Set 1
2 Bullet hole cover Piece 2
3 Nut of bullet hole cover Piece 6
4 Olytetrafluoroethylene bullet hole insulation cover Piece 2
5 discharging bullet cover tool Piece 1
6 Bullet cover sealing ring Piece 4
7 Test of copper wire Piece 6
8 Glass sampler Piece 4
9 Teflon glass sampler cover Piece 2
10 Magnetic bracket Piece 2
11 Professional forceps of magnetic bracket Piece 1
12 Rod type mecury thermometer(130℃~150℃,scale mark 0.1℃) Piece 1
13 Oxygen bottle connecting pipe and connector(φ6PU pipe 4 meters and steel bottle connector) Piece 1
14 Exhaust pipe( one head is made as φ6PU pipe 3 meter) Piece 1
15 Fuse(15A,φ6×30) Piece 2
16 20ml injector Piece 1
17 Plastic wash bottle Piece 1
18 Winding machine Set 1
19 Operation manual   Piece 1
20 Quality certificate Piece 1
21 Product warranty card Piece 1

II,SYD-0193B Automatic Lubricating Oils Oxidation Stability Tester's Reagent and Auxiliary Equipments

No. Name Specification Quantity Memo
1 Silicone oil Flash point above 200℃ 30L 0193B no need preparation
2 Miscella 2# or 3# 500ml 1 bottle for cleaning
3 Acetone  Analytical pure 500ml 1 bottle  
4 Isopropanol Analytical pure 500ml 1 bottle  
5 Normal heptane Analytical pure 500ml 1 bottle  
6 Potassium hydroxide Analytical pure 500g 1 bottle  
7 Distilled water 2 grade Less  
8 Silicon carbide paper Particle size 100# 5 piece  
9 Oxygen Purity 99.5% 1 bottle With reducing valve 
10 Silicone grease   1 box  

1、The reagent and equipments for installing the instrument are supplied by end-users themselves.
2、The usage,management and saving of poisonous and harmful reagent,pls operate according to the relative principle.
3、PLS read the operation manual and industry standard before using the instrument.