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Biological microscope

Achromaticobjectives 4X、10X、40X(S)、100X(S、Oil) Eyepiece Wide Field Eyepiece:WF10X、(WF16X optional) Viewing head Compensation Free Trinocular Head Stage Double layer Mechanical Stage Size 125X135mm Focusing Coaxial Co...

Standard: model: TS-500SM E-mail: robin@pro-trueview.com

Achromatic Objectives 4X、10X、40X(S)、100X(S、Oil)               
Eyepiece         Wide Field Eyepiece :WF10X、(WF16X optional)
Viewing head Compensation Free Trinocular Head  
Stage         Double Layer Mechanical Stage Size 125X135mm    
Focusing Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment,Focusing Range 30mm,Focusing  Interval 0.002mm       
Condenser       Abbe NA=1.25 with lris Diaphragm&Filter  
IIIumination LED(1W) Lamp 220V or 110V ;( LED 3W lamp optional,Halogen bulb 6V/20W optional)