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    Engineers & technicians from varied fields are ready to answer kinds of professional questions for varies instruments & facilities; all emails/questions will be answered within 24 hours while if you need urgent service, please call us directly or mark urgent in the email title.

    Unless otherwise specified, all the  instruments/machines sold through TRUEVIEW have one year warranty; we will offer spares for free while customers are expected to pay for the delivery cost.

    Engineers & technicians are available to offer installation & training service for international customers while customers are expected to   pay for the travelling costs like air-tickets and hotel.

    Free training is offered in China; customers are welcome to visit our companies for training.

    Life-long maintenance is provided after one year warranty for which we only charge the cost of the parts.

    For some instruments, free software updating service is offered online.

    At TRUEVIEW, ensuring the privacy of our Web site visitors is an important concern. We will not collect any personal information about our Web site visitors unless it is submitted voluntarily, in which case we will act in a responsible manner to protect  your personal information.

    3rd Parties
    We are committed to keeping email addresses confidential; we will not sell, rent or lease our mailing lists to third parties, and we will not provide your personal information to any third party individuals or companies without your permission.

    1. The guarantee period with FOC within 1 year (not including expendable parts cost and transport & travel fees)
    1.1 During the guarantee period, TRUEVIEW SCIENTIFIC shall supply free maintenance or replacement for the damaged part (just for non-expendable part) caused by non-human reasons;
    1.2 If any quality problems occur within the guarantee period, and TRUEVIEW SCIENTIFIC must provide on-site service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by buyer;
    1.3 If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, TRUEVIEW SCIENTIFIC will provide a maintain service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by buyer, also charge for a favorable price for new parts;
    1.4 TRUEVIEW SCIENTIFIC will provide a lifetime favorable price to the buyer for expendable & non-expendable parts used in system operation, equipment maintenance;
    2. The following conditions need to be paid reasonably even in the guarantee period:
    2.1 Natural disaster
    2.2 Operating mistakes
    2.3 Voltage is not fit for our manual
    2.4 Uninstall without our guides
    2.5 Damaged for borrowing to others
    2.6 Damaged for without authorized machine modification
    2.7 Damaged for without authorized calibration
    2.8 Without authorized transshipment mistake
    3. Attentions: the machine cannot be used following situations:
    3.1 Vibration, rocking place.
    3.2 Direct sunlight.
    3.3 Hot, dusty, damp places.
    3.4 To ensure safe, AC supply of the machine should be well grounded.
    3.5 Do not use strong solvents (such as: benzene, nitro oil) washing machine.
    3.6 Do not inject water and debris into the machine to prevent damage to electrical components and electrical shock.
    3.7 Machine’s disassembly and debugging can only be measured by the State Department approved the units and the company, other people not allowed to overhaul.